Brie Leon

Brie Leon Valores Pendant in Gold/Wisdom

Size Guide
The Brie Leon Valores Pendant Gold/Wisdom is perfect for gifting.

A gold plated brass based pendant necklace which represents 'Wisdom'. Each necklace comes with a specially designed card describing the value (see below) and Brie Leon drawstring bag.

Measures: 45cm chain, 1.4 x 1.4 cm pendant

A representation of your wise intelligence. A cherished piece - like that of your nurturing essence. Sharing your knowledge with those that surround you. Sharing your craft as an act of generosity. Your consciousness of which is awe-inspiring. Your ability to guide that is appreciated by all. This is your gift and your power.

Care: Keep jewellery dry at all times. Avoid contact with chemicals and salt water. After each wear, wipe with a soft clean cloth and store in a dry place to prevent tarnish or discolour.