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Coco Celebrates International Women's Week

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? 
IWD is an important day to me as a Mother, daughter, sister, friend and a Founder of a women-led business. It's an opportunity to celebrate all of the women in my life and acknowledge how important they are. It's also a time to stop and recognise the achievements of women and how far we have come together. This week we will be celebrating the women at Coco and going behind the scenes with some of our amazing Coco women.
How does it make you feel leading a team of women and what do you think is the key to a successful team? 
Leading a team of women everyday is a privilege. To be surrounded by passionate, determined, resilient and strong women on the daily is honestly so inspiring. A successful team needs leaders that listen, seek to be challenged and embrace their team 100%. Women working together towards the same company goals and values are unstoppable. Creating a supportive environment where women can openly express their views and be heard and see change is really special. 
As a mother of three little ones, how do you balance owning Coco & Lola and family time? 
As a mother to three little people I feel extremely blessed that everyday I wake up and I get to be their mum. I also feel the same way about my first love Coco. It's definitely not easy running a growing business and balancing the needs of a young family and a team that is growing weekly, also requiring the same demands. Some days things work really well and I feel like a wonderful businesswoman and Mother. Other days are an absolute mess and I feel defeated at both.  Family time is my number one - I look forward to this the most out of anything in my whole week. Creating our forever memories together. My children are my home. 
What advice do you wish to pass on to your daughter, Willow? 
To be kind everyday, follow your passions and dreams wholeheartedly. Be inspired, practice, practice practice. Always be the person to stop and help a friend. Love yourself and never stop being you. 

What are you most proud of currently in your life as a mother and founder of Coco & Lola? 
We made the big decision two years ago that in order to provide the best service to our Coco customer we needed to be based on the East Coast. So we moved our young family from Perth to Sydney to set up a new head office in Sydney. I'm really proud that we did it, even though it was challenging and at times really sad to be away from our family and friends especially with COVID and border closures. I'm proud that we did it even though nothing was a given and we had no idea when or how everything was going to turn out. We have made the most of the experience and challenges that we have faced by putting ourselves in this situation. We have now successfully opened almost two new retail stores (our Manly boutique opens this April) and we now have a fully functioning warehouse, online dispatch and office team set up in Sydney. 
As a mother I'm proud of my children everyday. I tell them this so much. I'm sure they are sick of hearing it! But I am. They are amazing little people so resilient, loving, caring and fun. I'm proud to be their mum. 

What are the hero wardrobe pieces you turn to that always give you confidence? 
I'm all about the creamy neutrals and whites - My whole wardrobe consists of this.

What does IWD mean to you? 
International Women’s Day highlights how many amazing women I have in my life and how lucky I am to work with such inspirational strong ladies! 

What do you love about being able to work and collaborate with women every day? 
Being able to constantly work with women who are so passionate about what they do makes me more driven to help the team succeed. I count myself lucky that I’ve always had the opportunity to work in a female led industry with so many incredible ladies to work with and look up to. 
What are the hero wardrobe pieces you turn to that always give you confidence?
I’m usually a sucker for a fun wardrobe. I love playing with colour, texture and print. I love the pop pink of the Juno Dress by ISSY - it’s such an easy and comfortable option that is so fun and playful. 
What does IWD mean to you?
IWD to me is a time to reflect on how far women have come in challenging inequality, to discuss the current issues being faced both globally and in our own communities as well as to celebrate the incredible women we are surrounded by and all their amazing achievements.
What do you love about being able to work and collaborate with women every day?
Being a part of the Coco & Lola team gives me the privilege of working with exceptionally passionate, innovative and dedicated women. It is something that consistently inspires me and creates the most wonderfully supportive culture that is truly special.
What are the hero wardrobe pieces you turn to that always give you confidence?
The styles that I will always reach for are my linen dresses from SIR. The A-line silhouettes are so flattering and perfect for any occasion, not to mention the fabrication is only getting better with time.
What does IWD mean to you? 
International Women's Day to me is a day of celebration. Celebrating each other wins and achievements and encouraging  and supporting each other to be the best versions of ourselves. It's a day where women across the world can come together and reflect on the strength we've shown over the past year. 
What do you love about being able to work and collaborate with women every day? 
Working with women who share the same passions as you is naturally inspiring. Whether that be fashion or business related - at Coco we strive to make one another feel empowered and confident within our personal and work related goals. The determination, motivation and strength that I see from women across the business is truly incredible. It's so rewarding coming to work everyday knowing that you are going to share an experience or achievement with your team. 
What are the hero wardrobe pieces you turn to that always give you confidence? 
For me I feel my most confident in something that you can easily dress up or down and wear from day or night. Being a coastal girl at heart - for me, comfort is key. 
What does IWD mean to you? 
It's a great day to reflect on all the amazing things women around the world are accomplishing!

What do you love about being able to work and collaborate with women every day? 
What I love about working with the team everyday is that we inspire, motivate and bounce ideas off each other. In such a creative environment it makes work so enjoyable. 

What are the hero wardrobe pieces you turn to that always give you confidence? 
I love a good jeans and shirt or top combo! I have my eye on the By Johnny Leon Shirt in White and Black. A linen maxi dress is also a winner for me as I can wear to work or dress up on the weekend, I wear my SIR Madelyn Reversible Dress in black all the time.