Overose Candle in Anamorphine

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Treat your KK, best friend or love ones this Christmas to a luxurious Overose candle...

The Overose Anamorphine candle is the perfect balance of femininity and masculinity. Freshly bloomed peonies open with the ripe sweetness of raspberries. This floral fruity sensation is complimented by a swirl of vanilla. The vanilla use in the candle is raw with a fresh out of the pod aroma. Lastly, a dash of tobacco has been added to infuse a delicate smokiness to the fragrance. 

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Peony Blossom Ripe Raspberries Fresh Vanilla Tobacco The Ingredient Free of Phthalates Signature perfume composition Natural essential oils
1.7 oz / 220g burning time up to 60h
Comes in a signature pink glass and matching pink wax Cruelty-free.
Not tested on animals.
Signature botany blend wax
Braided cotton and linen wick
Raw materials of natural origin
Environmentally friendly packaging
Search centre in Paris 9mme arrondissement

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